Prayer Letter • October 2016

Dear Carmelites,


October and November a few months ago looked like a quiet lull before the rush of Christmas. Give thanks for all the bookings that have been coming in. It looks like we will have a busy November. Our new team of receptionists Juanita, Stephanie and Gillian plus all the others were involved in an intense week long training course on our booking programme. That this occurred at the same time as Prime Plus meant that they had to move from swimming gently with the flow to racing against the tide. Following hard on the heels of Prime Plus has been a week long 8 days of the feast of Tabernacles. It was a really packed and busy week revolving around very exciting evening sessions.

Spring is passing and our beautiful quiet gardens are now a blaze of different colours. We want to give thanks for the team of gardeners who are keeping up with the blessing of good rains and lots of sunshine and for one of those exciting serendipities in discovering Ben who is one of the gardeners and has a real flair for flower arranging.

Prayer Needs

A new programme going to be held at the end of November aimed at that group of young professional and students who are looking for affordable excitement. Refresh Holidays have undertaken to run a week with director of Ravi Zacharias international ministries in South Africa, Mahlatse Winston Mashua, speaking and leading a great week of activities. Check it out at or go to for all the details.

As we look at the end of the year we are beginning to see an increase in the pace of activities. Please pray for the holiday teams that are now all in place and for a change of volunteers helping in the caravan park. Norman replaces Peter who has become a tradition at Carmel. We are now looking for an exciting Father Christmas (At least from the North Pole) to do our Christmas day celebration which this year falls on a Sunday. After Christmas in January Mark Liprini will be overseeing the Caravan park pending a relocation by Mark and Lorraine to George.

Please pray for trust decisions about new senior staff to be made in the next little while as they will impact on the future of Carmel. Pray that the trust will be wise in choosing from the gems that God seems to be providing.


At the moment and with summer coming up and having beautiful weather here in George we are mindful of the extreme weather around our country and continue to pray for good rains. We have also been praying much for the student unrest aware of the huge complexity of the problem with many students wanting to finish their years of study.

Harry Munnings (